The Roehampton Surgery

020 8788 1188

Ashburton Medical Practice

020 8785 6440


Family Planning

Advice on contraception. Coil ( IUCD) fitting to be booked. By appointment

Antenatal Care

Routine antenatal check-ups by our qualified midwife.

Time: Wednesday 1-1.30pm

Mother and Baby

Vaccinations for all children up to age 5. Paediatric checks for well babies.

Time: Wednesday 1.30 – 2.30pm


We run a flu immunisation clinic in October.  Ask at reception for further information. Routine and travel vaccinations.

By appointment with Practice Nurse


Regular check-ups and advice from practice nurses on lifestyle, inhaler techniques and medication.

Time: Monday 9am – 1pm (with Practice Nurse)


Blood pressure check, blood and urine tests, medication review etc. Throughout surgeries

Heart Disease

Lifestyle advice, referral for exercise programme, risk assessment. Throughout surgeries

Diabetes Clinic

New diabetic diagnosis plus follow up care. Lifestyle and dietary advice given, and also full diabetic check-ups. By appointment with Practice Nurse.

Smoking Cessation Clinic

Counselling, Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Carbon Monoxide Monitoring, support is provided. By appointment wiyh Practice Nurse.